Ida B. Wells

1862 - 1931


She postponed her wedding three times, so she could keep up with her busy activist schedule.

She was describe as a “sharp-tongued career Woman not wanting to be tied down!” Activist! Anti-Lynching Campaign! Wouldn’t Stop!

The mob hung Mary Turner by her feet, and, sliced her open to get to her baby. Her unborn baby fell to the ground, and gave two feeble cries. It’s head was crushed by a member of the mob with his feet. Laura Nelson was kidnapped from her jail cell by between and dozen and forty white men. The Associated Press reported that she was raped. She was hung under a bridge over the North Canadian River. Sightseers gathered on the bridge in the morning. Mary Scott was 17 years old. She was raped by two unknown white men, who broke into her home while she was getting dressed. The men locked themselves in the room with her. Her brother heard her screams and kicked the door down. He killed one of his sister’ rapists and fled the scene. Mary was arrested, and while in jail, a white mob went searching for her brother. When they couldn’t find her brother, they dragged Mary out of the jail, threw a rope over her head, and hung her from a telephone pole.

She was a Race Woman. A Feminist. An Activist. Outspoken and Passionate. Refused to live within the roles defined for other people like her! The only thing Ordinary about Ida B. Wells...was her Wedding Dress!

Vintage Wedding Dress, Cotton cloth, Wood Box, Photo Transfers, tree branch, commercial stamp, acrylic paint, overdyed men’s shirt, overdyed pajama pants, Vintage and Recycled lace, leather glove, found objects, recycled jewelry, cowrie shells from Ghana, embroidery thread, ribbon, soil from U.S. and Ghana, ink.